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Advocating for Multilingual Learners and Why You Should Become One with Dr. Denise Furlong – Season #2 Episode #3

Shedding light on what it’s like for multilingual learners and how to find ways to better advocate for them.

Advocating for Multilingual Learners and Why You Should Become One with Dr. Denise Furlong – Season #2 Episode #3

Knowing ways to advocate for multilingual learners isn’t just a job for teachers, it is something the whole community (even kiddos) can be involved in!

As an educator of over 25 years and an assistant professor at Georgian Court University in central New Jersey, Dr. Denise Furlong has been passionate about bridging the gap between what people don’t understand about multilingual learners.

In this episode, she talks about how to engage the younger generations in ways that help them appreciate other cultures and the great strengths that come with being multilingual.

You will hear a bit about Denise’s book, Voices of Newcomers, and her insight on how important it is to use language in a way that realizes the value of being a multilingual learner. She also sheds light on some of the unique challenges of learning new languages in a different culture and how we can be better at advocating for learners in our communities.

She also shares some recommendations for the best ways that we can better understand the needs of multilingual learners- including becoming a learner yourself!

Denise has such a positive and inspiring take on this topic and even challenges us all to step out of our comfort zones to further our learning and understanding of others. Don’t miss it!

Listen To The Full Episode on Multilingual Learners Here:


Shareable Quotes:

  • “I’m a firm believer that advocacy starts at the dinner table. The ways we speak with our families is how they establish their norms. If we have those conversations about equity and diversity in a positive way, then our family, friends, and other circles will internalize advocacy as their place in this world.” – Dr. Denise Furlong
  • “Nothing builds more empathy for language learners than going through it ourselves.” – Dr. Denise Furlong
  • “Stepping outside of where we’re comfortable is where we’re ALL going to learn.” – Dr. Denise Furlong

Take Action:

  • Read diverse books.
  • Talk to kids about people in your community who may be different and from different places.
  • Talk about world events with kids.
  • Start learning a language!


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Last season was filled with so many great conversations that gave us important insight into all kinds of safety and learning scenarios. This second season, we hope to bring more of that!

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