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Miranda Mathis

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In 2019, Miranda Mathis created Msquared Books to publish content that mirrors real life stories while delivering messages of hope, inspiration and courage. Represented by Miranda’s first and last initials, the name Msquared was chosen. “Msquared” also signifies four corners of a square. Miranda’s vision encompasses books, web games, television/film and production with “M” at its center. Msquared Books team is comprised of phenomenal individuals who contributes to its success.

“Some leaders are chosen, while others are destined to lead.”

Miranda Mathis Author

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Msquared Books believes self-worth, confidence, awareness as well as safety are very important in safeguarding the mental and physical health of children. Also, we believe books should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Msquared Books was created to provide a reservoir of books that target all age groups.

Its mission is to provide an abundance of stories that mirror some behaviors, emotions and peer-pressured experiences to hopefully change negative behavior and thoughts that produce positive results.

Also, for every Safety Pledge Book your purchase, a donation of $1 will go to charity.

Thank you!

Miranda Mathis

About UsMiranda Mathis earned her degree in Criminal Justice before serving 20 years in law enforcement. As a Detective, then Sergeant of specialized units, Miranda has investigated homicides, led a Special Victims Unit, and taught children’s safety. Miranda’s career, education, and life experiences led her to write children’s books that enlighten, inform, and instill positive messages for kids. Miranda’s books focus on child safety, acceptance, and self-esteem. The youngest of four, born and raised in the city projects of Newark, NJ, Miranda’s motto is

"Success isn’t determined by breaking the ribbon, but the passion that drove you to cross the finish line".

Meet Msquared Books Team

Team Msquared Books

Miranda Mathis - CEO

  • Publisher/Author

Anthony Lopresti, Esquire

  • Attorney, New York, NY

Carol Kay

  • Editor

Kevin Gubernatis

  • Editor

Case DeCarlo (representative)

  • Editor


Antonia Ferreira

  • Safety Pledge
  • Little Andy,
  • Spider Who SPits Fire,
  • Safety webgaes and more

Ava N. Garda

  • Little Pegasus Una Book

Beka Giorgadze

  • Beautiful That’s Me

Pandudharma Pandu

  • Diamond Butterfly,
  • The Environment and Me (coming soon)
  • Fub Exercise (coming soon)
  • Saftey webgames and more

Pedro Ruiz Zamora

  • Kewl Dudes (coming soon)


Sarah Reed

  • Instagram/Podcast

Daniel Manoiu

  • Safety Webgame Developer

Glen Harper

  • Animator

Arthur Morehead

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Special Thanks:

To my family and friends who have supported this endeavor and helped in many ways. Msquared Books is a success because of YOU! 

Thank you

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