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Msquared Books provide many services that meet the needs of families, schools  and youth organizations.  We care about the health and welfare of children.

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Virtual Readings

Virtual Reading allows us to share our books with children regardless of geographical location.

We want to ensure our books can be shared throughout the world.  We believe the message that is delivered in every book should be shared abroad and not limited to neighboring communities. 

One positive we can attribute to Covid-19, it taught us that there’s a way to continue to educate, uplift and support our children through virtual technology. It also taught Msquared Books that there is no limitation to providing educational support to parents, educators and organizational/community leaders.

Here we are!

Our books create stories that inspire and encourage every child to be their best and when they’re not performing at their best, never give up.

Virtual Reading allows us to share our books with children regardless of geographical location. It is an honor to provide this service abroad and allow our books to be shared with everyone. If you desire a virtual reading, please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form.

Please review our “Reading Club” to participate in another awesome experience.

Onsite Readings

Reading is important because it aids in the growth and development of our children. We would love to join your school organization.

It would be an honor to travel to your school or youth organization to read our books. Also, it is our desire to have our books be a part of your book clubs.

Every child is given the same opportunity to excel and be amazing!

Msquared Books believe that no child should be left behind and all children should be afforded every opportunity to excel and deliver optimal results. WE look at failure not by definition, but by our concept. 

It is the art of allowing a change in method and approach by continuing to strive and achieve a set goal.

We want the same thing – supporting children whose desire is to be an artist, singer, dancer, teacher, community leader or activist. We also encourage you to purchase our books and share with your classroom.

Visiting your school or organization is our pleasure. We encourage you to fill out our contact form, inviting us to be a part of your curriculum and community.


We Love Storytime!!

Storytime is a fun time. It is when stories are shared and children’s feedback and interaction is enjoyed. Let’s face it, kids enjoy seeing amazing characters and hearing a fictional story that’s engaging and exciting.

We love seeing them smile and participate during storytime!

We would be delighted to participate in storytime with your child at a workshop or event.  Our books provide phenomenal illustrations and videos that children would want to see.  Also, we have great animations that bring our characters to life. Check out one of my videos with Eno, the Safety Pledge Robot introducing the author of Safety Pledge Books.   Eno loves the camera!  

Book Fair

Are you having a book fair?

Msquared Books is available to participate in your book fair event. Please email or submit a contact form with detailed information regarding your book fair. Please advise us of the age group to ensure we have books available to present for that age group.

Participating in book clubs is a great experience and thank you in advance for considering us.


Msquaredbooks love making connections and partnering with others who offer information about parenting, safety and children activities that make learning fun and enjoyable.  There are so many ways to keep our children engaged. We created a podcast that provides parents and teachers with suggestions that are helpful. Together we can build a community that focuses on child development and their physical and mental health.  Visit our podcasts and participate in a community who have important and insightful information to share. If you desire to participate in our podcast, please complete a contact form.  Thank you,

Reading Club

Reading Your Favorite Story Or Verse   “Coming soon”

Msquared Books understand there are times when you’re busy and your child needs to listen to their favorite story or verse.  Msquared Books is here to help. 

We are looking for adults who want to participate in bedtime story readings.    

If you pre-register, it will allow your child to listen to a bedtime story from someone who wants to share their amazing book’s story with your child. Stay tuned for more details and how to join/pre-register.

Web Games

COming SOon in the fall 2022 (DEMO Game)

Playing games and learning about safety and so much more…. STAY TUNED


We offer a way to communicate and share information regarding current events, the environment, safety and other matters involving children. Our hope is to provide professional information as well as keeping our blogs positive.

Our blogs will be provided weekly and will also include some podcast information. Please review our podcast and participate as well.

A wide variety of recipes that are parents-approved and get 2 thumbs up from kids, too! With nutritious breakfasts to main meals children will actaully eat, including many that the whole family can make together, there will be something for everyone. Get ready to look forward to spending time in the kitchen!

We will cover the unsteady terrains of picky eaters by helping you ensure your little ones are getting the full spectrum of nutrients in easy ways that will become second nature It won’t matter if your son now refuses to eat meat, or if your daughter won’t touch anything green. We’ve got you covered!

And finally, if you’re a typical parent, you’re probably fighting your kids to get them outside and move rather than spend hours playing video games. Children can be very protective of their screen time, and to be fair, so are their parents! But we will share with you fun games and activities your kids just might end up requesting instead of their tablet.

We are looking forward to sharing this and more with you!

Visit our Blog section and participate in the chatter 


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“Safety Pledge Book - Pledge to be safe, Eno recommends it. Your child’s safety and well-being is important to us. A great book to read and discuss with your children. ,"

- The Author

“Little Andy Book - Little Andy reminds us that we can do amazing things, if we try. All it takes is a little confidence and faith.”

-The Author

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