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Simple Dog Training Techniques for a Happier Family (and pup!) with Cherie Marquez – Episode #14

Dog training tips to implement as a family that help you better understand your dog and ensure that your pup has a happy life in their forever home.

Simple Dog Training Techniques for a Happier Family (and pup!) with Cherie Marquez – Episode #14

When pups act up it can add a lot of added stress and frustration to an already busy family life. Dog training can be much more successful in dealing with behavior issues when we better understand our furry friends.

This episode features Cherie Marquez, the Dog Mystic, who is the owner of Smart Paws Dog Training. She has trained thousands of dogs in the 22+ years she has been a trainer and her mission is to keep them in their forever home and teach owners how to create everlasting bonds with their dog.

Cherie truly understands pups and she shares lots of useful information on how to understand your dog better and how to create a more peaceful and cohesive family life that includes a fluffy family member.

You will hear how to safely involve kids in the dog training process, why she doesn’t encourage training with treats, how to safely approach dogs, and much more. Whether your pup is jumping, barking, making messes in the house, or showing aggression, Cherie has the wisdom to help you understand your dog better and navigate it all!

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “A dog’s mind and a child’s mind are almost exactly the same. If they know they can get away with something, they’re going to push it for everything that they can.” – Cherie Marquez
  • “Dogs are angels placed on this earth to just give us love and bring us into that present moment.”- Cherie Marquez
  • “When dogs know you’re scared of them or their reaction, then they’re going to react even more.”- Cherie Marquez

Take Action:

  • Use a leash even indoors when dealing with defiant behavior. You are in control with the leash on. 
  • Use a collar instead of a halter or harness, to avoid dominant (or sled-dog) behavior.
  • When involving kids, start training dogs inside – and make it fun!


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