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Teacher’s Cubby: The Three C’s with Art Howard

Art Howard is an assistant superintendent and mental health counselor in NJ. Listen to find out how Art Howard connects with teachers, parents, and students on the Teacher's Cubby Podcast.

Teacher’s Cubby: The Three C’s with Art Howard

What are the three C’s? Connection, Comedy, and Compassion.

Welcome to the Teacher’s Cubby Podcast! Our special guest this month is Art Howard from Holmdel NJ. Working in education for 29 years, Art started as a social studies teacher and moved to assistant principal, then principal, and now assistant superintendent. Art also practices mental health counseling part-time outside of his work in schools and is very passionate about being involved in his community.

Part comedian, part big brother, everyone knows Mr. Howard when he walks down the halls of his school. Every time his students are involved with an event he is there to cheer them on. 

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“Anything that I can do to normalize myself to the kids is what I do. That’s why all the students know me. So even now as a superintendent, when I walk through the halls it’s like I’m a rockstar, everybody knows Mr. Howard. It’s primarily because I try to keep myself engrossed in the school’s culture and the things that the kids are doing.”

Community is vital for students and teachers to thrive. For Art, a teacher’s success is the principal’s success. He believes you should never let a title affect the job and working with people in building a community. 

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WAGE Non-Profit
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

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