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Little Andy written by Miranda Mathis

Little Andy Book by Miranda Mathis

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Little Andy written by Miranda Mathis

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Little Andy Book By Miranda Mathis
Little Andy By Miranda Mathis

People have asked …

What inspired you to write this book?

What inspired me was visiting schools, medical facilities, and observing children born with beautiful differences.  Also, feeling sad and disappointed when others made them feel ashamed or treated them differentlyParents, we must continue to teach our children kindness, love, and respect for others.

I don’t support anyone making people with beautiful differences feel less qualified to be equally identified.  We must talk more about these things.  Education is key to creating a safe space for all people to feel included, equally valued, and respected.

I wrote this book for every child born with beautiful differences. YOU are beautiful!  YOU should never be embarrassed or ashamed of who you are.  YOU possess qualities that make you unique and amazing. 

Here’s why…”You can do what others can’t.”  Take a minute and ponder those words.Zeke And Zen

I watched a kid play basketball while sitting in a wheelchair.  He shot from a sitting position and made the basket.  There are people who can run and win races while wearing artificial limbs.  

I want children all over the world to come forward..

and shine like beacons of light for the world to admire those beautiful differences.  We should be working together, conversing more, and understanding who we are so that we can be enlightened by the love and grace that lives within us.  Our entry into this world is similar.  We are human beings who differ in appearances, personalities, and talents.  We all want the same thing, to feel special and loved.

Skateboard Andy
Skateboard Andy

Little Andy’s book is about a baby giraffe (aka calf),

born with little legs, brown spots, and a long neck.  When he walked among the tower of giraffes, he drew attention.  He was different. They looked at him possessing dissimilar body parts, but he wasn’t exiled from his tower.  However, Andy depended on his mom and others to help him because his legs prevented him from being tall enough to reach the tree branches.  Sometimes, when playing with his friends, he had trouble keeping up with his tower, but he did his best.  They laughed at him which made him sad.  Oftentimes, what is being whispered can hurt.

Andy’s appearance was different; it made him standout.

There was one thing that bothered him the most.  One day while playing, he heard birds chirping.  Andy, with limited height, couldn’t see the birds inside the bird’s nest. 

What inspired Andy?

Andy was troubled because he couldn’t see the baby birds inside the bird’s nestWhat I loved about Andy, he didn’t give up.  He found friends that were different too, they were not giraffes, but they were also animals that accepted him for who he was.  Did he get to see the bird’s inside the bird’s nest?  The book answers this question.

We should encourage children to continue to thrive because there are others who are loving and unmoved by a child’s appearance.  If they have questions, answer them.

Encouragement and support builds strength and confidence.  The more love and kindness they receive will inspire them to find the courage to keep going in the midst of adversity or rejection.  Kids are always looking for friends, we must help them.  Encourage them to participate in organizations and community programs to meet new people that foster inclusion, not separation.

We have to encourage our little one’s

to find friends who are alike and dissimilar, DIVERSIFY their friend group.  Little Andy Left

To all the “Andy’s,” in the universe, YOU ARE A Star!

I wrote this book to inspire children to see the birds inside the bird’s nests.  To stand out with everyone else and show their friends that they are awesome too.  It’s time for everyone to see we are all the same even with our beautiful differences.

Parents, I’ll end with this….

Don’t we all want to see the birds inside the bird’s nest.?  Our kids’ bird’s nest may be making the football or swim team.  Running a marathon, passing an exam, getting into college, or simply being loved.  We all want our children to achieve or overcome that which presents a challenge or obstacle.  It’s time for the world to see the birds inside the bird’s nest.

It’s time to create something that makes us rise beyond our means or limitations and do what others believe to be impossible. “Think outside the box and be amazingly beautiful

There’s an “ANDY” inside of everyone.


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