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Diamond Butterfly


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Diamond Butterfly



Diamond Butterfly is a magical and amazing story about acceptance, friendship and respect. This story will astound you with beautiful illustrations and a captivating story that ends with a twist.

Diamond Butterfly has rainbow wings, and firefly eyes, but was born with an alluring shiny thing that sparkles inside her mouth.

Jeremy is a young boy who loves to explore and discover new things. Jeremy loves insects the most. One day while gazing out of his classroom window, a butterfly appeared. Jeremy could hear it singing; La Di La La -Fly, Fly, Fly…when I smile there something inside my mouth. Keep looking and you’ll see there’s a sparkle behind my teeth!” Jeremy had to have it, but he got something else instead.


There is one thing that Jeremy did that should never be done, especially when you’re in class? There are some other things that Jeremy and his friends did that shouldn’t have been done.

Can you identify and share with me those things? What would you do differently?


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