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Safety Pledge Indoor

Safety Pledge books provide safety tips and suggestions that support lessons taught at home and inside the classroom.


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Safety Pledge Indoor



Give me a safety pledge for the day and I promise to remember it today and always.

There are many things inside the home and outdoors that can be harmful and unsafe. Our parents, teachers, coaches, etc provide suggestions and rules to keep children safe. We wish all rules would be followed, but sometimes they are not. Eno, the safety pledge robot is funny, witty and will make you laugh.

Eno offers some tips and suggestions to help keep children safe. The book has amazing illustrations and characters who will encourage and inspire kids to take pledges with them.

These Safety Pledge characters will show its readers that there are things inside the home and outdoors that can be harmful or unsafe. Their goal is to help protect and encourage kids to think about things before they touch, taste or act.

Eno also offers some tips to parents to remind them how they can help keep their kids safe. Most importantly, Eno would like you and your parents to come up with your own safety pledge and post them on Msquared Books website or Facebook/Instagram page.

Help Eno help others by giving someone a safety pledge for the day in hopes
they will remember it always.


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