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Confidently Navigate Stuttering with Claire Barbao – Episode #5

Learn what causes stuttering but also how to respond in effective and encouraging ways.

Confidently Navigate Stuttering with Claire Barbao – Episode #5

There is so much many of us misunderstand about stuttering, and one of the main things is that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and frustrating. In this episode of the MSquared Books Podcast, Claire Barbao joins the show to share from her experience and expertise as a speech pathologist. You will get to learn so much about stuttering and gain some really insightful tips on how to better react to a stuttering moment that allows for them to finish and not shut down.

Claire does a great job explaining some aspects of stuttering that are key to making progress and assisting a child who may be struggling with it. She also shares how to start evaluating stuttering and speech issues while addressing how stuttering naturally progresses and regresses. This episode sheds light on not only what causes stuttering but also how we can respond in effective ways that support overall communication.

Don’t miss the end of the show where we always share a simple action item or two that you can use to start making use of what you hear on the show!

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “A lot of people look at stuttering as something we need to fix rather than just looking at it as a difference in speech.” – Claire Barbao
  • “It really starts with the way that you’re reacting, and not necessarily reacting in a positive way but just a neutral way. You’re just waiting and you’re waiting for them to finish while you’re listening. That’s the best way to acknowledge stuttering – by just letting them finish.” – Claire Barbao
  • “What often helps parents is knowing what to do when stuttering happens – so they’re not stuck like a deer in the headlights and they know how to respond in an effective way that supports the overall communication.” – Claire Barbao

Take Action:

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes of time daily to practice speech and talk in a relaxed way
  • Recognize the thoughts you have about stuttering and make a plan to improve your response to stuttering
  • Ask your child about stuttering in words they can understand to help normalize it for them
  • Watch the NYTimes I Stutter But You Need To Listen video


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