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Helping Children Understand Disabilities with Janie Heinrich – Episode #10

Helping Children Understand Disabilities with Janie Heinrich – Episode #10

Little ones learn so much from our example and helping them to better understand disabilities is so important to creating a more inclusive and empathic community. Joining the show to share from her experience and shed some light on how to better engage with those with disabilities is Janie Heinrich of Mobility Dog. 

Janie sheds light on why it’s important to let kids ask questions when they are curious about disabilities, equipment, or service animals. She also gives us a glimpse into some common misconceptions people have when it comes to people with disabilities.

You will get to hear about Janie’s personal experience with service dogs and what prompted her to found Mobility Service Dogs. She also shares about community outreach and how it is so important to include little ones in the conversation early on so that they can grow up to be more empathic and understanding of others.

And, as always, don’t miss the end of the show where we always share a simple action item or two that you can use to start making use of what you learn on the show!

Listen To The Full Episode Here:


Shareable Quotes:

  • “Parents, guardians, teachers, caretakers – when you have the child, trust that they will say the right thing. And if they don’t, it’s okay! That’s how we learn together.” – Janie Heinrich
  • “Don’t always try to do things for them, do things with them. If we need help, we’ll ask. Don’t assume just because I’m moving differently than you, that you need to go slower, just walk at my pace.” – Janie Heinrich
  • We welcome children to come up and talk to us.” – Janie Heinrich

Take Action:

  • Next time you’re with anyone who is different from you, don’t take that wide berth. Walk right next to them and engage.
  • Talk about things and ask questions about “what happened” or what things are for.


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