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Little Andy

Little Andy book promote self-esteem, builds confidence and independence.


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Little Andy



Did you know a baby giraffe is called a “calf?

Andy is a giraffe that loves eating and playing, but there is one slight problem that has him troubled, his legs. Andy is a beautiful giraffe that was born with a longneck, brown spots and little legs that makes him stand out. Unlike other giraffes, Andy can’t reach fruit from trees and finds it difficult to keep up with his friends. Andy is different, but loved by his family. However, it’s not enough. Andy doesn’t want to be the leader in the tower, he wants to fit in. He wished he was tall enough to reach and eat fruit from trees and not solicit help from family. Something inspired Andy to change that.

Andy was a genius!
He came up with an idea, but you’ll have to read the story to find out. It’s a story you’ll love and want to share with friends. A little note, if you’re ever sad about anything tell a friend or family member. I’m sure there are many people who are just like you and Andy. But, for those who are not, they will accept you for who you are. Most importantly, it’s always a good thing to ask for help. Also, not every child wants to be number one, or a leader and should not be treated any less because he/she wants to blend in or just deliver status quo results. We all work in an environment, where there are owners, managers and workers. Some workers have no desire to own a company or be a boss, they enjoy what they do and seek to remain in their position. They are happy. Some of our kids are like those workers who only want to blend in and are happy in doing so. Be like Andy, dream and make the impossible possible.


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