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Successfully Navigating ADHD as a Mom with Elizabeth McConnell – Episode #13

How moms can better navigate ADHD and embrace the superpowers that come with it.

Successfully Navigating ADHD as a Mom with Elizabeth McConnell – Episode #13

ADHD is something that shows up in a spectrum and manifests itself differently in women. Moms who have it are often undiagnosed or struggling to manage it without the right tools.

In this episode, Elizabeth McConnell shares key misconceptions around attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when it comes to women in particular and how it can be better understood and navigated most successfully.

Elizabeth is a therapist who owns her own private practice and specializes in moms with ADHD. As someone who is navigating ADHD and motherhood herself, she has a passion for helping other moms gain the tools to help cut down on the overwhelm and frustration that it can bring.

She discusses specific ways to find success and even tap into your ADHD superpowers by taking care of and better understanding yourself.

Don’t miss the end of the show where we always share a simple action item or two that you can use to start making use of what you hear on the show!

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “With moms, especially those with ADHD, they have to take care of their needs first. I always use the analogy of the oxygen mask.” – Elizabeth McConnell
  • “Setting structure is the biggest way that you can thrive. If you figure out what you want to get done that day and not focus on a million things, but just two or three, you’re going to feel more successful throughout the day.” – Elizabeth McConnell
  • “If your child has ADHD, there’s a 60% chance that either you or the child’s other parent have ADHD.” – Elizabeth McConnell

Take Action:

  • Get up and get dressed in the morning. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Eat a balanced, high-protein breakfast. 
  • Set up some structure for your day.
  • Try to choose only 2 or 3 main tasks per day, so you will feel more successful.
  • Use timers to tap into your ADHD superpower: hyperfocus.


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