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The Incredible Benefits of Raising Bilingual Kiddos with Jenna Vislisel – Episode #12

Learn how to easily incorporate language practice into your day to raise bilingual kids.

The Incredible Benefits of Raising Bilingual Kiddos with Jenna Vislisel – Episode #12

Raising bilingual or multilingual kids can be so much fun and gives them many more opportunities when it comes to school, future work, travel, making friends, and much more.

Today’s episode features Jenna Vislisel who shares some easy tips on how to incorporate some fun language learning activities into your child’s routine. She shares ways to get them interested and engaged by using things they enjoy and making use of bilingual resources that nurture a love for language learning early on!

You will get to hear about some of the many benefits that come with raising bilingual kids, such as improved cognitive skills, increased empathy, and much more. Jenna also shares an incredible story about how her daughter used her language skills to make a new friend during a family trip.

Don’t miss the end of the show where we always share a simple action item or two that you can use to start making use of what you hear on the show!

Listen To The Full Episode Here:


Shareable Quotes:

  • “Language learning happens best when it is meaningful and when it is fun.” – Jenna Vislisel
  • “The heart of language learning is really the ability to communicate and build relationships with other people around the world.” – Jenna Vislisel

Take Action:

  • Be consistent with language learning by making sure to use it throughout the day.
  • Naturally incorporate language into everyday activities and routines for a more powerful impact on our kiddos.


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