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Writing On Paper Bags – Episode #01

How Miranda is using life-long lessons in leadership to leave a legacy.

Writing On Paper Bags – Episode #01

Ever since she was a young girl, Author Miranda Mathis

was writing on anything she could get her hands on. Listen in to this special first episode of the MSquared Podcast to hear how MSquared came about and what inspired Miranda to create characters and write children’s books. She also shares some really important insight into the kinds of leadership and why it’s so important to use your leadership to inspire others to know and do what’s right.

Leadership and safety are really important subjects Miranda discusses and she dives into how she chose a career and a passion that teach those things. You will hear how she was inspired by her mother and other leaders in her life as well as her career in law enforcement. She also touches on the role of imagination and storytelling when it comes to teaching important lessons.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “I grew up in an urban environment that wasn’t always safe so my parents shielded me. Sometimes I thought they were just being mean but as I got older I realized that they were protecting me.” – Miranda Mathis
  • “As a result of my environment, I grew up wanting to help people – To help people be safe, make the right choices, and inspire other people. That’s why I chose a career in law enforcement.” – Miranda Mathis
  • “When I had a guidance counselor say to me, “Oh you grew up in the projects, you’ll never be anything,” guess what? I wrote about that and those messages inspired me.” – Miranda Mathis

Take Action:

  • Intentionally pass on important lessons you have learned to the next generations.


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