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Strengthening Confidence Through Play with Bonnie Gatlin – Episode #2

Learn how to use play time as a time to boost confidence in children.

Strengthening Confidence Through Play with Bonnie Gatlin – Episode #2

Confidence is something we want for kids

and if you’re trying to figure out how to inspire and nurture it from a young age, this episode is for you! Joining Miranda and Sarah today is Bonnie Gatlin – a mom, teacher, and owner of The Stupid Fish Toy Shoppe. Not only will you hear the story behind the awesome name of her shop, but Bonnie will also be sharing how important play is to the confidence-building process and what we can do to support that process as parents and teachers.

Bonnie discusses how playtime and confidence are connected and provides 3 key ways that you can start implementing some confidence-building into playtime today. She also shares some examples of how she incorporates confidence-boosting play with her kids and what that looks like. You will also learn about the different kinds of play, the benefits that those types of play have, and how to make the most out of playtime.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “There’s one profound way to build confidence in our kids, and that’s through playtime.” – Bonnie Gatlin
  • “We want to let them lead in their play as we’re engaging with them. Play helps them expand their imagination and be more comfortable with who they are.” – Bonnie Gatlin
  • “The more kids have the opportunity to play, the more they’ll be set up for success and the more confident they will be to tackle life’s challenges, life’s changes, and life as an adult.” – Bonnie Gatlin

Take Action:

  • Let the child lead in play while you follow along.


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