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They Just Won’t Listen: Behavior tips and tricks with Rebecca Dudley – Episode #3

Learn how to make good behavior and everyday tasks more fun and motivating for kids.

They Just Won’t Listen: Behavior tips and tricks with Rebecca Dudley – Episode #3

When all you say seems to be falling on distracted ears and your little ones are acting up, it can be easy to feel defeated. Joining Miranda and Sarah on this episode is Rebecca Dudley, a board-certified behavior analyst, and mama to 3 girls, who shares insights into fun techniques she uses to encourage listening, learning, and obedience. You will get some really helpful ideas on how to ward off frustration and turn your home or classroom into a fun-filled and productive space.

Rebecca has some great tips and tricks to help encourage better behavior and allow for life to run a little more smoothly on the daily. She even shares some specific examples of how she has been able to turn normally frustrating situations into fun and joyful moments. Be sure to listen until the end where she shares specific ways you can help kiddos improve their behavior today!

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “It’s so much easier to turn everything into a game!” – Rebecca Dudley
  • “Kids are told what to do all the time, they don’t look forward to things like going to bed or brushing their teeth – so it’s important to try to make these tasks motivating and fun.” – Rebecca Dudley
  • “Always think about that positive reinforcement – even if it’s just positive words – and catch them being good.” – Rebecca Dudley

Take Action:

  • Think about how to make things fun, use positive reinforcement, and catch them being good!


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