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Teacher’s Cubby: Teaching Art Through a Growth Mindset ft. Wendy Born

Discover methods of teaching art through kindness and growth mindset with Wendy Born.

Teacher’s Cubby: Teaching Art Through a Growth Mindset ft. Wendy Born

Listen to find out how you can support art teachers like Wendy!

Welcome to the Teacher’s Cubby! Joining us this week is Wendy Born, an art teacher from West Orange NJ. She talks about her methods of teaching an inclusive and engaging art class for elementary students. Wendy believes that it’s never too early to lead students with a growth mindset. In every class she sets the tone with words to encourage tenacity, collaboration, perseverance, cooperation, and kind words.

“My classroom motto is choose kind words and actions.” 
“If I’m doing a demonstration, I’ll set up a big easel in the front of the classroom and have a student do the demonstration with me. That way when it’s peer to peer and kids are showing each other it’s not all teacher directed.” 
“I wish someone told me what a growth mindset was in sixth grade. It also helps to give kids partners to help support each other.” Inside the Little Andy book, Andy found partners to help him manifest his vision.

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School Instagram @wbornart 
Personal Instagram @wendyaborn 


Resources Mentioned: 

Art Educators of New Jersey
Cassie Stephen Blog
Classroom Managment Blog
Montclair Museum of Art
National Art Education Association
One River Bridge of Art and Design
Wendy’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store
West Orange Council of Art


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