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Kids Festival Event – Manalapan Township

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Kids Festival Event – Manalapan Township

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Kids Festival Event - Manalapan Township

The  Township of Manalapan Kids Festival was a wonderful event! There were other sponsors who participated and one brought a bouncy house to add to the kids enjoyment.  There was an ice cream truck, a kid’s band and members of Manalapan Arts Council gave out tambourines.  The kids loved it!  I handed out glow sticks and wrist bands for parents.  My goal was to have every parent feel special.   It was nice to see them smile when they read the words imprinted on each bracelet,  “Parents Are Beautiful.” (If you desire a bracelet, contact me – you deserve one too.)

The Members of the Manalapan Arts Council

were helpful and made me feel very welcomed.  The field was HUGE and luckily I pulled over near my table. It would’ve been quite a journey walking across the field.Kids Festival Event - Manalapan Township

It wasn’t long before everything was set up and kids began pouring in. I was happy to share my wonderful books with parents.  I discussed our services; such as, story-time, virtual readings, and safety presentations. Kids Festival Event - Manalapan Township

Parents were delighted to know…

that Msquared Books mission is to support lessons taught at home and inside the classroom.  As an author, I will continue to be vigilant in supporting families and working with organizations to help keep children safe.  I pledge to create more books that enlightens and fosters a sense of awareness, including what to do when faced with danger or if friends exhibit negative behavior.

Oftentimes, children don’t feel confident saying, “No.” 

Kids have a tough time walking away from friends, even when they know it’s the right thing to do.  We must teach them “it’s OKAY, to walk away.” A Spider Who Spits Fire is a great book to jump start those difficult conversations.  In this book, the spider’s friends didn’t hesitate to push him away. They could’ve been a little kinder and sought help for their friend, but they did not. This is where I leave room for parents to add additional things that could’ve been said or done.  Again, my books are tools to lead parents into having difficult conversations and leave room for more parental guidance, additional safety tips and suggestions.

All of my books are tools parents can use…

to help get through difficult topics or conversations.  Diamond Butterfly, is another good book that teaches kids to be kind and accepting of other kids’ differences. Safety Pledge Outdoor reinforces what a child should do if they’re bullied or approached by a stranger.  I believe we don’t have to scare kids when having these talks, but a ‘softer’ approach using books filled with amazing characters and illustrations is a successful way to teach child safety.

Kids Festival Event - Manalapan TownshipThe Jersey Shore Yellow Bird was giving hugs and Hi-Fives to kids. Of course, I couldn’t resist his energy and had to take a quick picture with this “cool dude.”  The kids loved him…

Overall, this event was very nice! I raffled off three booksKids Festival Event - Manalapan Townshipand to my winners don’t forget to contact me. 

Thank you!!Kids Festival Event - Manalapan TownshipTownship of Manalapan for allowing me to participate in this year’s Kids Festival Event.  

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