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Thanksgiving Foods: How to Keep Your Precious Dog Safe!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Meme

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Thanksgiving Foods: How to Keep Your Precious Dog Safe!

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Thanksgiving Day Turkey Meme
Thanksgiving Turkey Cartoon

As you plan and cook your Thanksgiving Day holiday foods, keep these tips below in mind for keeping your beloved family dog safe and healthy! Also, share with your family members and guests.

Keep this in Mind this Thanksgiving!

Remember, dogs are expert opportunists and it takes just a second when your back is turned before they get into something they shouldn’t! If your kitchen is going to be busy this holiday, plan ahead to keep your dog occupied and away from tempting foods, snacks and drinks!

Use the 3 tips below to also ensure your dog stays safe!

Baby Gates
A sturdy baby gate that is too high for your dog to jump over is a great way to keep your dog out of trouble but still part of the family.

Dog Crates
If your dog is crate-trained, holidays and family gatherings are a great time to use the crate to keep them safe and protected! If your dog is not crate-trained, start training them now before the house gets busy! NOTE: Never force your dog into the crate and always keep it a positive experience for your dog!

Long-Lasting Chews

Australian Shepherd Dog Chewing A Bone
Australian Shepherd Dog Chewing A Bone

Whether you put your dog behind a secure baby gate, into his crate, or even another room, keep him busy with interactive treat puzzles, snuffle mats, stuffed Kongs (freeze to make them last longer), or long-lasting, SAFE chews (NO rawhide please!). Make sure he also has water, a comfortable blanket, and a few of his favorite toys to keep him happy and busy!

If your dog is going to be able to free-roam when the holiday foods, snacks or drinks are out, keep reading to learn which foods your dog should never eat! An unexpected visit to the animal ER is the quickest way to ruin your holiday!


Thanksgiving Foods Fido Should Never Eat!

People Cheering With Different Kinds Of Cocktails
People With A Variety Of Cocktails

At the end of this blog post, you’ll find an infographic listing the foods your dog should avoid (and those he can enjoy in moderation). Print and post this graphic on the refrigerator and make sure all family members and guests understand which Thanksgiving foods can – and cannot – be shared with your family dog (and other pets)!

Next, let’s take a quick review of the foods Fido should never eat this Thanksgiving!



Keep all alcoholic beverages away from all pets (and children). Beer, wine, and cocktails are all dangerous for dogs to ingest. Caffeine is also bad for dogs so keep coffee drinks out of reach as well.

Salty snacks
Sweet snacks

All Skin and Fat
All Cooked Bones

Gravy and Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving Day Desserts
Thanksgiving Day Desserts

Onions, Leeks, Scallions and Chives and Mushrooms

Keep all desserts out of reach of your dog and other pets! Typically, desserts contain too much fat, sugar and artificial sweeteners (like popular xylitol) and should never be consumed by pets! Chocolate desserts and candy are also a huge no-no for your dog.

Grapes and Raisins
Cranberry Sauce
Fruit Cake

Unbaked Yeast Dough
Foods with spices including nutmeg and sage

Fresh Cranberries
Fresh Cranberries In A White Spoon

Feel like you are depriving your dog of holiday cheer? There are plain foods your dog can enjoy with his humans! Check the left-hand column in the infographic below for the foods that can be fed in moderation! Foods like fresh or plain cranberries, carrots, green beans, and pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling though!).

Remember, plan ahead and keep a careful eye on your pets this holiday for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Print and Post this Handy Infographic below to Keep Fido Safe this Thanksgiving!

Infographic: Thanksgiving Foods Fido Can And Cannot Eat
Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Can – And Cannot – Eat!



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