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Asbury Park Library – The Environment And Me

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Asbury Park Library – The Environment And Me

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Book Reading Event

On April 26th, I presented my newly published book, Safety Pledge (book 3) The Environment and Me to ages 8+ at Asbury Park Library – Junior Library.  It was a great success!   Asbury Park Library - The Environment And Me

The kids were engaged

and were opened to answering question. The discussions about the environment demonstrated their understanding of environmental concerns and what’s needed to improve it.Asbury Park Library - The Environment And Me

Saving Earth

I asked my audience, if earth expressed an emotion, would it be happy or sad?  They agreed that earths’ emotions would be like ours, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. For example, if we fail to take care of our bodies, our bodies would break down, and not function properly.  The same effect is occurring with our planet. Our environment needs our help. It’s imperative to share information and provide many examples for families to implement steps inside their home towards maintaining a happy and healthy environment.

Air, marine life and recycling/reusing products

We must work together to protect and preserve our land and marine life.  It requires all hands on deck or inside the dirt, it’s a team effort.  Our plants, marine life, and air quality depends on us. This book, Safety Pledge (book 3) The Environment & Me, provides a basic knowledge for children to help parent’s recycle, reuse, and keep their living space clean.  Oftentimes, our children are with friends who litter or are unaware of the

Asbury Park Library - The Environment And Me

 importance of discontinuing behaviors that add to Earth’s sorrow. Together we can help put a smile on Earth’s face by teaching children to help protect our environment.  This book provides a smooth transition towards developing a positive mindset and approach with preserving the life of our planet.

Let’s make “Earth Day” an everyday celebration. It’s time to place a smile on Earth’s face.

Thank you Nina Kenny, for this phenomenal book reading experience and choosing Safety Pledge (Book 3) “The Environment & Me” and “Saving Earth” available at the Asbury Park library.  Asbury Park Library - The Environment And Me

Please visit Asbury Park Library, including other local libraries and ask to read, “The Environment and Me and/or Saving Earth,” two awesome readings to jump start conversations about the environment with your children.


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