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Teacher’s Cubby – Teachers connecting to parents by Miranda Mathis

Teacher's Cubby with Miranda Mathis

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Teacher’s Cubby – Teachers connecting to parents by Miranda Mathis

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A place where teachers can be themselves

and speak from the heart.Teacher'S Cubby - Teachers Connecting To Parents By Miranda Mathis

Teacher’s Cubby was created to give teachers and other professionals a platform to share ideas, tips and suggestions with parents. Here, they have a voice and can be heard. My goal is to bring educators, instructors, and other professionals together who will share their experiences that would inspire, enlighten and support families and other professionals alike. I believe we all can learn from each other and have something to share. 

It’s a moment when we get to meet the person standing in front of the whiteboard, grading tests, scheduling conferences, or pulling their hair out stressing over lesson plans. Let’s face it, their day doesn’t end at 3:00 p.m. It continues at home. Nevertheless, their love and passion, brings them back inside the classroom, to do it all over again.

Teacher’s want to feel loved and appreciated.

We all work and want to receive commendations of a job well done. Teacher’s are often overlooked. We as a community must change this in our workplace, schools and towards teachers. Let’s strive to do better. We can support and encourage them to remain positive and hopeful when dealing with challenging behaviors or disciplines. A little kindness goes a long way.Teacher'S Cubby - Teachers Connecting To Parents By Miranda Mathis

A nice token of appreciation or words of encouragement given to teachers at least once a month will inspire them to do more when stressed or tired.  How great would a teacher feel getting a note that reads, “You were awesome last month or thank you for coming to work, we need and appreciate you.” They’re doing their best to keep children safe and empowering them to be successful. It takes less than two minutes to send an email or text that exhibit gratitude or kindness. We must try harder.

Teachers are parents too

This is not always considered during teacher’s conferences.

Teachers please empathize and show compassion when a parent is trying their best to help their child achieve academic success. Meetings and conferences can be challenging. It must increase one’s stress when giving negative feedback. Yet, it’s often forgotten teachers are parents too. They understand what’s it like to be a mom or dad. So when you think their day is easy, please be kind and understand you both want the same thing. 

I encourage you to visit and listen to the Teacher’s Cubby every fourth Thursday of the month. I want you to hear who has your child’s best interest in mind, so you can be at ease knowing your child is in good hands.

The Interview

It’s time to get to know them, since they know our children.  The Teacher’s Cubby is that gateway. If you have a teacher you want to get to know, this platform is a great starting point. 

During my interviews, I ask, What inspired you to become a teacher?I want to know if this is their passion, career choice, and some background/personal history. They may be a phenomenal baker, builder, crocheter or musician.

What drives them to get up every morning to deliver hours of instruction to prepare your child for the next phase of their life?  What motivates them? I think parents should know. I also believe this may inspire their colleagues to adopt a similar approach, style or method.

Also, I ask, “How do you connect with parents?”  Some have mentioned the schools portal, emailing parents with updates on a child’s progress or behavior, or simply providing positive feedback to encourage parents to participate in school programs and recreational activities.  How good will your child feel seeing their parents, participate in building of a set for a play, coaching a team, or tutoring once or twice a week? 

Here’s a suggestion, give them a ‘thank you’ note or a simple token of appreciation.  Joanna Stevens, may have a recipe that may make them smile.

Finding answers to the above question is important.  As an author and presenter, I’ve created books and presentations that engage my readers and listeners. I write to connect with them. I believe connecting with people helps to build relationships. I’m sure teachers are trying to connect with you. If not, reach out and establish a connection with them. Connections release energy, that energy flows towards your child.

Parents vs.Teachers

It shouldn’t be a tug of war. You are on the same team.

Parents and teachers, by definition are different. However interpretation, functionality or their role when interacting with children can be similar. Learning to collectively work together to achieve optimal results is essential. 

Some may disagree that teachers share parenting roles and are often considered co-parents.  A parent may disagree with the use of this term, because a parent isn’t compensated for the role they play in the lives of their children.  The roles are different, but their actions support a common vision, goal and attitude towards the health, well-being and safety of children

Lead by example

Let your professionalism give “aspiring teacher, Janet or designer, Andy” something to look forward to in their future. Allow them to see themselves in you, having a positive impact on behavior and performance. 

Parents and teachers must establish relationships that support academic excellence, emotional stability and physical and nutritional development for children. They need to support each other in this relationship for the well being of the child.

Teacher’s Rock!

I am who I am. because of them. I wouldn’t be where I am today, without some of the finest teachers in my life, pushing me to thrive and exceed expectations. The world delivers many challenges, but we all have a journey –  teachers provide children with tools to prepare them for their travels. 

It begins with lessons taught at home and in the classroom.  Kids need parents and they need you too.

Thank you teachers, for all you do! 


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