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Be Intentional About Slowing Down (For You And Your Kids) with Danielle Childer – Episode #8

Learn about what an impact slowing down and “pressing pause” has for herself AND her kids.

Be Intentional About Slowing Down (For You And Your Kids) with Danielle Childer – Episode #8

When you’re busy with life and the chaos all around, it can be easy to miss important and formative moments for our children – and for ourselves! Joining the show today is Danielle Childer, a homeschool curriculum creator who has a background in classroom education, and formerly ran a nature-based preschool.

As a mom of three boys and an educator, she shares her perspective on slowing down, pressing pause, and being intentional.

Letting kids know they are seen, heard, and worthy of love is something Dani discusses. She also shares that how you respond to children can really impact their foundational and core beliefs.

She talks about how we have a huge responsibility to slow down and be intentional with our kids so that they know that their words matter – and that THEY matter. You will also hear how she works on slowing down and “pressing pause” for herself and the impact that has on both her AND her kids.

Don’t miss the end of the show where we always share a simple action item or two that you can use to start making use of what you hear on the show!

Listen To The Full Episode Here:


Shareable Quotes:

  • We want our kids to be curious, we want our kids to have that playfulness inside of them.” – Danielle Childer
  • How we respond to our children gives them that foundation of their belief system. That sounds kinda scary like we have a huge job – and we do!” – Danielle Childer

Take Action:

  • Take a step back and identify your values first.
  • Try out “soothing stones”.
  • Teach kids to use a hand or clothespin to gently signal that they need something while acknowledging that you are doing something too.


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