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5 Favorite Happy Mom Tips to Make my Days as a Busy Mama Easier

These Happy Mom Tips will make your days easier and more pleasant even as you are changing diapers or spoon-feeding babies! From rubbing a little essential oil on your wrists to treating yourself to some chocolate, there are many things you can do to make your days lovelier.

Happy Mom Tips for Busy Mamas

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5 Favorite Happy Mom Tips to Make my Days as a Busy Mama Easier

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Happy Mom Tips For Busy Mamas
Happy Mom Tips For Busy Mamas (Photo By Mark Befur)


When raising kids seem harder than it should be, these Happy Mom Tips can help!

I will often spot an article about how being a stay-at-home is difficult. Well, yes, of course, it is! Can you imagine a job where you don’t get to pee or eat alone, you need to feed a few other mouths simultaneously, and you constantly have to make sure your coworkers don’t dig up the houseplants or stuff rocks in their mouths?

And yet, moms still feel the need to justify themselves. They don’t. Moms everywhere, you’re doing awesome! Anyone who thinks you have it easy never had kids.

I now have school-aged kids, which means I get to put them in the care of loving teachers while I can do my work in peace and even eat lunch alone. But I still remember the baby days, and let me tell you, moms of little kids are heroes! Here are some of the happy mom tips I used to make my days more pleasant:

Happy Mom Tip #1: I take a few seconds to pamper myself throughout the day

I wear earrings or a little makeup or massage my face with a hydrating cream when I’m in the bathroom. Why? Because it’s one way to take care of myself, the repercussions are evident throughout the day. If I’m tired but pass by a mirror and see myself with these little details, it’s a reminder that I did something for myself today. Compare that to looking at myself and thinking I look like hell… Big difference. And these things take seconds to do. They’re worth it!

Happy Mom Tip #2: I sprinkle the house with pleasant scents

I like to put essential oils in the toilet tank so that I am surprised by the lovely scent of spearmint when I flush it. I enjoy sprinkling some on a diffuser as well.

Rubbing a little orange essential oil on my wrist to smell whenever I need a boost has also been life-changing! For the same reason, I no longer throw out my lemon peels but rather run them through the garbage disposal at the end of the day.

Smelling good things makes you take a deep breath, and time stops for a moment.

Happy Mom Tip #3: I don’t stay idle

Nothing was worse (to me) than being home with my kids when they were bored. When I only had one child, I would sit on the couch with him to cuddle and read books while drinking tea, but when his brother came along, I couldn’t do it anymore.

I needed both of them entertained, and it generally only happened if we were out and about. The solution? Before I went to bed, I planned for the next day. Do we have play dates scheduled? Great. If not, we will go to the library. We go to indoor playgrounds. We go to parks and forests. Whatever it took to make the day go by faster. And if you need to stay home, planning is still important. One favorite activity was playing with stickers like these from Miranda Mathis, which keep your kids busy and teach them what to do when faced with danger.

Happy Mom Tip #4: I keep chocolate in my car door (during cold weather!)

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your cool, but it’s always easier not to snap at your kids if your mouth is full of chocolate. True story! To this day, I will keep chocolate truffles or toffee chocolate (my favorite) in the door of my car, and when things are tough, I pop a piece in my mouth. I highly recommend it!

Happy Mom Tip #5: I stay hydrated with drinks that make me happy

Back in France, I drank water all the time. Bottled water is heavily advertised there, and one brand even got David Bowie to star in their ad. In the US, though, I drink less water and prefer organic coconut water, kombucha, green juice, and herbal teas (my favorites right now are vanilla honeybush and rooibos chai). It’s easier to feel good in your skin if you’re well-hydrated. Plan for it; you’ll always have something tasty to sip on. Or, bring a water bottle with you!


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